Identity and Affirmation

Identity and Affirmation

Every human being has a unique individual personality and hence inviolable dignity

Dagmar Weiner

Our life experiences may have been painful sometimes and our permanent decision taking on which path to choose wrong, unhealthy or destructive. But this has nothing to do with the fact that each and every one of us is a unique creation. Systemic and solution focused thinking thus assumes that there is no absolute truth. Instead, we all experience our own personal truths and construct the world we experience as a result of them.

Together with my Jewish-Christian value tradition these assumptions constitute the foundation for my attitude as a coach that every client, team or mediation participant must be met with great respect and recognition.

In more than 2,000 year-old bible texts, man is described as being made in the image of God. In contrast, being human is also presented as a constant searching, questioning, erring, failing and getting up again. We cannot get away from questioning the meaning of our existence, the why and the how, no matter whether the challenges and assignments in industry or organisations or in our very personal private lives.

Who am I? What makes me live? What is my source of strength? How do I become a convincing executive? How do I lead myself? How can I provide meaning to my team? How can I play a meaningful part as an employee? How do I best cope with setbacks and failure? What is going on inside me, when I suffer? And also: how do I enjoy and make use of success and the experience of fulfillment? How do a build a meaningful future?

I am convinced that our search for identity and affirmation of our existence is an integral part of life. Especially when we are in charge, have responsibilities, we learn there is never really an end to this search. Yet we can set off anew every single day. As a coach and sparring partner I can accompany you on this road for a little while.

Beyond any objectives, tools, techniques and linguistic possibilities, I am at your side by

  • meeting you with deep respect, openness and esteem
  • listening to you attentively
  • holding out with you in difficult times
  • showing empathy with your questions, challenges and thoughts
  • creating new options and perspectives for you through solution focused questions
  • supporting you in finding your own answers
  • encouraging you to find your own new sources of inspiration and self-affirmation

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