Solution Focused Coaching

Coaching with a Focus on Solutions

Dagmar Weiner
  • Systemic Coach for top management, executives, and dedicated experts
  • Solution Focused Coaching for Individuals and Teams
  • Solution Focused Mediation (Conflict Coaching)
  • Schema Coaching based on the Schema Mode Model
  • Client-centered counseling and individual communication

The Solution Focus in Coaching


It is with unmatched ease that solution focused coaching invites us to use our mental and emotional imagination for the development of our preferred future rather than intensely dwelling on our problems. As an SF Coach I will ask you solution focused questions with open-minded curiosity and constructive concentration.

And I offer you a fascinating core assumption: I am convinced that you already hold all the knowledge, that you have all the competences and strategies needed to develop the best solutions to your issue. As your coach, I accompany this development process by listening attentively and, by asking questions about your preferred future, by creating a framework in which thoughts, emotions, ideas and challenges can be shaped into achievable future objectives.

Once the preferred future, your best hopes, your highest expectation have been worked out, we think back to where you came from and imagine first concrete steps you might have taken to achieve your goals.

This process of finding solutions rather than solving problems works for all types of coaching, individual and team coaching as well as for the mediation of conflicts.

Basic Steps

We take time to clarify your objective in detail, both for the total coaching process and for each individual session.

In the phase of change we discuss together solution approaches to your issues.

In a concluding phase we check our results and discuss the next steps.

In team coaching and solution focused mediation I work with the SolutionCircle, a tool which corresponds best to my firm belief that people and teams are full of resources and potential. They do know best what they need as a solution and to achieve their preferred future.

As a solution focused coach I remain open to other useful coaching approaches. In individual coaching, e.g., I like using elements of schema therapy (schema coaching) with entrenched behavior patterns. Solutions developed by clients can thus become more substantial and more sustainable.

As a coach, I never stop learning and making progress myself. I do further explore and develop existing coaching tools or invent some of my own.

Choice of Coaching Topics

Themenauswahl 1
Themenauswahl 2
Themenauswahl 3

People who are in charge of companies, employees in a matrix organization or in charge of complex projects are regularly confronted with a wide range of tasks and missions. Any categorization of questions or coaching fields can therefore be only a fragment of all possibilities. And very often, individual questions merge into professional ones and vice versa.

  • Individual coaching of top management, executives, experts and employees
  • Coaching of career steps and decisions, including outplacement consulting
  • Coaching in the field of professional and personal growth of competencies and further development
  • Coaching during strategy development and change processes in companies
  • Coaching of personal objectives or issues, also beyond any job context
  • Solution Focused Mediation in a situation of conflict
  • Solution Focused Team Coaching
  • Employee Communications consultancy

Perspectives for Meaning and Being

I enjoy working with you in deep respect for not only how you act, but who you are, in your whole individual personality. I take you as you are and appreciate your way of being and your objectives as a prerequisite for your personal further development. Within or outside the systems you move in.

For this reason, my way of coaching will always leave room for you as an individual person, for your very personal challenges. You will determine the contents and intensity of our exchange. As a former executive myself in diverse companies I was able to obtain profound expertise, which, if you want to, I can readily share with you.

You will find me an attentive, empathetic listener, who can endure with you seemingly unsolvable problems and pessimistic outlooks.

In this very context, I find my attitude beautifully expressed by a thought of 2000 years ago:

“Therefore, I am content with my weaknesses. For when I am weak, then I am strong:”

2. Kor. 12, 9-10.

The author, the apostle Paul, was the contrary of a weak man. And yet he knew his weak points and regularly questioned himself. And that’s the point about coaching, too. We are truly strong, when we are able to look more closely, when we are ready to further develop, to learn continuously, but also to rediscover and be amazed at our resources and capabilities. No person is always perfectly balanced, knowing what to do and how to act, not even top executives. Don’t let any management training make you believe that. You are strong when you know where you are weak. Only then will there be room for the free and authentic unfolding of self-affirmation, charisma, leadership and much more.

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