Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching

“Yet whenever a dialog becomes what is its genuine essence, between two persons relating to each other authentically, expressing themselves without reserve and free of any pretended intention, a momentous, joint resourcefulness surges, which is not found elsewhere in nature.”

By Martin Buber

I am deeply convinced of the potential of what works and is possible “between the people” (Buber). In close reference to the philosopher of religion (1878 – 1965), a “genuine dialog” is composed of:

  • An appreciation of the individual interests and needs of each person
  • The opportunity to become involved and contribute proactively to the solution
  • A willingness to look at the other person and listen
  • A pleasure in working out what is different when the conflict has vanished
  • A readiness to authentically think and discuss in terms of solutions
  • The attractiveness of jointly defined measures and next steps on the way of reaching the objective.

I do believe that each and every person has very good reasons for looking at the world, the working environment, or private life the way he or she does. This is why I start any mediation by talking to the involved parties individually first. This is a solution-focused individual coaching session with little or no difference to any other coaching conversation. There is no blaming, no false assumption, no advice, and no managed results. As a coach, instead, I remain respectful, curious, trusting and firmly convinced that it will be possible to find the best solution for both parties. I make a conscious decision to stay clear of any conflict analysis or categorization of escalation levels.

In a mediation between two parties, I use the same basic process principle as with team coaching: the SolutionCircle. True, my persistent question of how things are different when the conflict is gone and what there is instead sometimes means hard work for my clients. But growing mutual respect, understanding and the gradual approaching one another are a wonderful reward for all participants.

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