Good Morning!

Dagmar Weiner

With this fresh greeting into the future, I would like to extend a warm welcome to my solution focused coaching consultancy for individual, team and conflict coaching.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website. You will discover that successful coaching in times of challenge or personal development, no matter whether professional or private, is different. It takes you with great ease into the world of self-esteem and appreciation for others, strengthens your resources, makes you reconnect to your skills and competences, liberates you from blockages and burdens, recharges your batteries and leads you to fascinating and creative solutions.

You will enjoy gaining new and surprising insights about yourself and in dealing with others. The direct benefit you get out of solution-focused coaching will let you start afresh from where you left. It’s just like the feeling of a good morning, looking at the possibilities of the day.

“A good morning offers future, forward energy and each time the opportunity to achieve new meaning and rewarding results.”

By Dagmar Weiner

Coaching. By combining the Solution Focus with elements of schema therapy (schema coaching), I provide a customized, systemic, professional and reflective support for top management or executives as well as for dedicated experts and teams in companies and organizations. As a result of my combination of methods as well as my executive background in industry, my clients discover profound progress, a unique depth and the rewards of long-term personal development beyond standard systemic coaching approaches. The questions and challenges you may want to look at as an individual, as two parties or as a team can be as diverse as the projects and opportunities in your personal or professional environment. As I work with my clients on their preferred future or solution, I look to them as experts for their own solutions and support them in realizing their own potential, using their own resources. By establishing a creative, open and appreciative framework for a good meeting and conversation, by managing the process and by accompanying clients with empathy and understanding, the appropriate answers and solutions will be quickly found. All this in total confidentiality, of course.

Future. Coaching is a magnificent experience. Successful communication, too. During a conversation with my clients, I concentrate exclusively on the solution, on their preferred future, not on the problem (which, after all, they do know by heart, they don’t need a consultant for that). It’s refreshingly simple and will make working together a rewarding and beneficial undertaking. This is why top issues like resilience, digital leadership, caving, agile teamwork can be just as much be clients’ hot topics as the more classic concerns of personal or team progress.

Communication and Success. To me, good communication has two essential prerequisites: Authentic, useful content/information and the ability to enter into a relationship with the partners of one’s communication. Achieving both is essential if our conversations are to become better.

Workshops. In close cooperation with the Institute of Psychotherapy in Mainz, Germany (Schema Therapy Specialists) I developed workshops in which we show how working with the Solution Focus can be combined with those elements of Schema Therapy (e.g., the schema mode model) relevant to a coaching context. So far, we only offer this in German and with a focus on consultants in social services.

Coach Profile Dagmar Weiner (PDF Download)

Video: GoodMorningConsulting.

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